Cydia App
A whole new freedom on your iOS device!
Are you looking for the Cydia App?

Well you have found it! Well sort of, you are almost there!

We will help you get the cydia app for free on any iOS device!

The cydia app is a gateway to other great apps, software, tweaks, utilities, themes and settings that are not available from Apple or at the Apple App Store on any iOS (apple operating system) devices like iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and the iPod touch.

You could sort of call Cydia the Cydia App Store if you wanted to give an easy answer to what is cydia and what does cydia do.

Cydia is the only true known alternative to the Apple App Store for iPhone and all other compatible devices!

You cant just download cydia by itself from a download on a website like a regular software or app, Apple does not want you to have cydia, Apple wants you to only use thier software and to only to get and buy apps from them!

But don't worry it's not illegal to have cydia on your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device, you are free to do what ever you want with your device once you have bought it and you own it!

Once you have cydia you have true freedom and control of you device with plenty of options for personal customization!

Cydia gives you the freedom to easily download cool free apps onto your device, change the look of your device, tweak software and other apps on your device to perform better and do things differently compared to Apples limited options.

In order to install cydia on your iphone or other iOS devices you have to unlock your iphone or other iOS device and do what is called a jailbreak of your device first before you can get cydia.

You can unlock your device and perform a jailbreak download by clicking the link bellow, once you unlock / jailbreak your device the jailbreak will perform the cydia download automatically and the cydia app icon will be downloaded onto your iPhone / iPad / iPod springboard.

*The cydia app is free, unfortunately unlock / jailbreak is not free as it is a software that requires constant care and updates to perform properly, this is only a one time fee and includes lifetime updates and jailbreaks for free.